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All businesses and employers need to register with the IRD.

If you are a not for profit organisation or charitable trust you may still have tax obligations and need to register with IRD. Please contact IRD for more information.


If you are running a business you will need to register for tax purposes. To register, please complete the IR1 Tax Registration Form. IRD will issue you with a Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Your TIN should be written on all IRD forms and on any correspondence or other dealings with IRD. Putting your TIN on your payment forms, returns and correspondence will make it quicker and easier to deal with IRD.


If you employ staff you are required to register with IRD. This includes employing organizations such as NGOs, private schools, churches. Please complete the IR1 form and forward to IRD.


If your only income is from employment you DO NOT need to register with IRD. Your employer will deduct the tax you need to pay through the PAYE system.