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Taxpayer Guides

A Guide to how a suppliers charges sales tax on the sale of the service of computer  New 
A Guide to how the offset of business Licenses Fees paid to council applies New 
A Guide to the difference between professional and management services New 
A Guide to the meaning of reasonable arguable New 
A Guide to the tax treatment of interest free or low interest loans to employees New  
A Guide to what is the meaning of the terms false and misleading statement New 
A Guide to what is the public and private ruling system New 
A Guide to Commissioner to reduce Penalties from the Maximum Prescribed amount New  
The Commissioner Guidelines on write off Tax debt Remit and Tax Refund New 
Objection Notice - Instruction for completion New 
A Guide How to apply for private ruling. New 
A Guide to Putting Your Tax Affairs Right. New 
A Guide to Objections and Disputes. New 
A Guide to Late filing Penalty and late Payment Interest. New 
A Guide to Instalment Arrangement. New 
A Guide on Liability of Director or Controlling Shareholder New 
A Guide to Withholding tax
A Guide for Retirement Payment
A Guide for Employers - Personal Tax Exemption Threshold Changes  
A Guide for Sole Traders - Personal Tax Exemption Threshold Changes 
A Guide for Business Taxpayers
A Guide to Putting Your Tax Affairs Right
A Guide for Employers 
A Guide for Taxing Bonuses
A Guide to Obtaining a Driver's License
A Guide to Registering your Vehicle  
A Guide to Due Dates 
A Guide to Goods Tax 
A Guide to Good Tax - Working out the Minimum Wholesale Value
A Guide to Income Tax 
A Guide to Sales Tax 
A Guide to Sales Tax Rates
A Guide to Tax Audits 
A Guide to Director's Fees
A Guide to Non Cash Benefit
A Guide for Landlords
A Guide for Tenants
A Guide Exemption Process
A Guide to Instalment Arrangements
A Guide to Contracting and Sub- Contracting
A Guide for Taxi and Bus Operations
A Guide to Hiring and Leasing under SalesTax Act
A Guide to Dividends