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Who we are

The Inland Revenue Division (IRD) was established in 1965 to administer tax legislation and to collect tax revenue for the Solomon Islands Government. Since then, we have grown and developed to a modern organisation that works hard to make tax compliance easy for the people of the Solomon Islands.

We employ over 108 staff across our three offices: the Head Office in Honiara and our two satellite offices in Gizo and Auki. Having staff onsite in three diverse locations has enable us to extend our services to where they are most needed, increasing convenience for you, the taxpayer.

IRD is administered and managed by the commissioner, two Deputy Commissioners and four Assistant Deputy Commissioners. We are part of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, and are responsible to the Minister of Finance.

IRD is made up of three main sections, with each working together to ensure the Division effectively supports and encourage the collection of revenue.

Compliance: the Compliance Section is responsible for making sure taxpayers voluntarily comply with their tax obligations of filing and paying tax on time. We provide technical advice as well as advisory and education services to make process as straightforward and stress free as possible.

Audit: the Audit Section plays a key role in ensuring everyone contributes their share. Our well trained team of professionals use their expertise to detect tax evasion and take action against those to try to avoid their obligations.

Operation Services: the Operation Services team plays an essential role in the efficient functioning of the IRD. They makesure administration is run smoothly in addition to managing taxpayer accounts and cashroom services. They also support the Division across the areas of HR and procurement.