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Forms for Filing Tax Returns

Identification Number Individual TAA Form 1New 

Tax Identification Number -Non-Individual TAA Form 1A New 

Tax Agent Registration Application- TAA Form 3New 

Tax Agent Renewal Of Registration Application- TAA4New 

Notice of Objection to Tax Decision- TAA5New 

Private ruling Application  TAA Form 6 New

SI Tax Clearance TAA From 8New

SI TAX Clearance form for  sending money overseas  TAA Form 9 New

Updating Tin Information TAA Form 10 New 

IR5 Taxable Benefits of Housing and Vehicles Provided by Employers: IR5.pdf

IR9 Employer Monthly PAYE Summary: IR9.pdf

IR11 Annual PAYE Summary: IR11.pdf

IR14 Annual Withholding Tax Certificate: IR14.pdf

IR16 Withholding Tax Monthly Summary: IR16.pdf

IR17 Interest Withholding Tax Payee Deduction Statement: IR17.pdf

IR20 Individual Employees Income Tax Return: IR20.pdf

IR21 Individual Business Income Tax Return: IR21.pdf

IR22 Companies and Partnership Income Tax Return: IR22.pdf

IR23 Depreciation: IR23.pdf

GT1 Goods Tax Registration: GT1.pdf

GT3 Goods Tax Return: GT3.2024 pdf

GT8 Return of Stock Form: GT8.pdf

GT22 Goods Tax Exemption Application for Exempted Bodies:GT22.pdf

ST3 Sales Tax Return: ST3.pdf